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Ages 6 & Up 

Students in Tumble 4 must be at least 6 years old or in first grade. 

All tumbling classes include a proper warm-up, strength and conditioning, skill drills and stations and hands on spotting by a certified and trained coach. 

Students in tumble 4 should have the skills listed in Tumble 1- 3 mastered prior to joining a tumble 4 class. Students will continue to build off these skills and use them to help connect and strengthen  their tumble 4 skills. 


Students in tumble 4 will be working on mastering the following skills: standing tuck, standing back handspring tuck, standing double back handspring tuck, toe touch tuck, round-off tuck, round-off back handspring tuck, round-off double back handspring tuck, round-off double back handspring tuck round-off, cartwheel tuck, Standing Back Handspring Layout, Standing Double Back Handspring Layout, Round-off Back Handspring Layout, and other connection skills. 

spring Layout _____


Once the above listed skills are mastered, students will participate  in a "Spirit Step - Up Ceremony where coaches and peers will celebrate their accomplishments, then students will be placed in the next level class. 

*All students enrolled will be evaluated and may be asked to change classes based on student skill level to ensure the safest and most effective training. 

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