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Fun & Creativity

Bloom Programs
Ages 3 & 4

Our Preschool prep day camp is an introduction to “school”. Our "Bloomers" will begin working on handwriting and letter recognition skills, simple math and science concepts. "Bloomers" will use hands on techniques to learn about many new concepts which coincide with our weekly theme. This class will build fine and gross motor skills and continue to work on social and emotional aspects as well. "Bloomers" will participate in various gross motor activities such as dance, tumbling and physical education activities. Music will be introduced at this age with instruments, voice, lessons and theatrical play. Art lessons will help students with fine motor skills and appreciation for art.

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"Bloomers" will focus on appreciation of art with drawing, painting and learning about shapes, colors, shadows and more.  Helping each child express their thoughts and feeling with different art medias.

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"Bloomers" will have an introduction to musical instruments and learn about tempo, dynamics,  and melody. Vocal lessons will also be introduced to our students.



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"Bloomers" will have the opportunity to work on their gross motor skills though dance, tumbling and physical education activities.


ABC Cubes

Daily, "Bloomers' will have the opportunity to use spoken words during conversations between children, teachers and staff. 

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"Bloomers' will begin their math lessons through play and natural relationships between learning and life activities, interests and questions.

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Free Play

"Bloomers" will have the opportunities to chose what they want to play independently. This gives children skills on decision making, rules, and independence.

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