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The Best of: Showcase 2019

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

The Best Of: Showcase 2019

365 days went by in the blink of an eye! It seems like we were just saying “Hello 2019” and now we’re closing it’s chapter. 2019, for the Showcase community was filled with so many amazing memories. Together, as a community, we shared so much more than dance and tumbling. We’ve shared friendship, laughter, success, service, and countless laughs.

The Showcase community gives so much more than just weekly lessons. To our students, Showcase is a safe place, a second home, a place to be themselves, a place to grow, a place to experience, a place to explore and a place to learn. The Showcase Team is proud to be all of those things, and we look forward to constantly growing, learning, changing and evolving in 2020 to better serve our community. We are so excited to continue our mission - to inspire the future leaders of tomorrow through the arts - in 2020 and are so grateful to you and yours for being apart of our journey.

We’re in the middle of #TheGr8estYear! 2020 holds big things for our community - but we can’t say “Goodbye” to 2019 without recapping “some” of 2019’s GR8EST moments:

(Disclaimer: There are too many great moments to share them all - but here are some of the favorites that recognize all parts of our community and programs!)

Parent Participation Week 2019

Parent Participation Week might be our most favorite week of the year! “Parents” of all shorts step into the center ready to share in what their kids love! We’re always blown away at how willing parents are to try something new or attempt that tumbling skill they haven’t done in a “few” years. But mostly, we love seeing how proud it makes our students to share what they love with their families.

Parents Participation Week 2020 is coming….

Dance & Acro Parent Week - Jan. 13 - Jan 18

Spirit & Tumbling Week - Jan 27 - Feb 1

Step Up For Days

The gym was busy this year! So many students gained so many new skills! Ms. Michele, Ms. Ali and Mr. Matt were able to lead more Step Up Ceremonies than we can count! We weren’t even able to post all of the photos in this blog!? But, we are equally as proud of every student for their hard work and dedication! Watching their confidence grow has been such a special memory for our tumbling department!

Thank you to our coaches for being so amazing and for playing such important roles in the lives of our students!

Congratulations to all those who Stepped Up in 2019!

We look forward to watching you CRUSH your goals in 2020!

Memorial Day Parade 2019

Showcase was honored to once again walk in the Memorial Day Parade! It was so special to come together with so many in our community to honor the meaning of Memorial Day and share with our students what Memorial Day is truly about.

We look forward to honoring our Armed Forces on Memorial Day 2020!

“The Gr8est Time of Year Holiday” Performance

Santa Came to Showcase Holiday Show 2019 (Too many amazing photos to post them all...but this is one of our favorites!)

What a show! What a day! The Showcase Holiday show is extra special for our team. It's an extra special day for our team because the day doesn't get lost in all the hustle and bustle of the June recital season. We don't have costumes to order and light cues to write, music to mix and tights to short, instead, the staff gets to come together to love on our community. We came together to watch the Showcase mission - to inspire the future leaders of tomorrow through the arts - come to life. But, we also all came together to share in the meaning of this season. The meaning of this season for us is family, laughter, community, happiness, joy and innocence - and boy, did we spent the day celebrating the meaning of our season! The meaning of the season came alive at our holiday show! It came alive in the eyes of our children, in the joy of the family members sitting watching their child do what they love, happiness in the celebration of family at the end of the show and a little bit of that magical Christmas in- nocence too. This year's holiday show truly was "The GR8EST!”

Showcase Halloween Party 2019

We had the best time at the annual Showcase Holiday Party! Dancing, Tumbling, Games, Snacks and most importantly, lots of laughs and a whole lot of friendship! We love our annual Halloween party and look forward to some GR8T events for our community coming in 2020!

Dare we say… Center lock-in? Coming February Vacation 2020!

“This is 51” - Happy Birthday, Ms. Michele!

We loved celebrating Ms. Michele’s birthday! Just like our students, the Showcase Team loves to spend their time at the Showcase center! Ms. Michele and Ms. Ali are no different! Our community is like one big extended family! Here is Ms. Michele with some of our Level 4 Jazz Dancers stretching alongside Ms. Michele as she did her annual birthday splits!

Once a dancer...always a dancer!

Coach Xaiver Joins the Showcase Community

Showcase got super lucky in 2019 when we met Coach Xaiver! It’s hard to believe it has already almost been ONE Full year with Coach X on the team! Coach Xaiver joined us from his home city of Chicago and has given us so many amazing moments! We’re so lucky he has decided to make NH home and the Showcase community an extended part of his family! We are thankful for all his brings to our community and the confidence he gives to our students! We’re blessed he has joined our team of excellent coaches and teachers!

VIVA SHOWCASE - #ShowcaseLucky7

Showcase #Lucky7 Production of VIVA SHOWCASE happened in 2019 and what a show! It may have been one of our most favorites! We wish we could share all the photos and memories of that day- but it would be the LONGEST blog post EVER! ; ) So, we’ll leave you with this sweet photo of the entire staff with the dance and acro community just days before they took the stage! It was such a special performance and we loved watching our students shine onstage! WE can’t wait to do it again in June 2020!

Conrad Joel joins the Showcase Family

Like any family, welcoming a new child is such a special time and it was no different for Ms. Ali & Mr.Steve. However, if it can get more special, the Showcase community made it that way!

We shared so much excitement with the Showcase community - from guessing if “Baby Showcase” was a boy or a girl to celebrating in his arrival! But was extra special was the love, support and well-wishes from the Showcase community!

Ms. Ali is so grateful and so proud to have joined the community of “Showcase Moms” - moms of all kinds- who have given nothing but love and support! You are all truly exceptional!

The Best of Greatest Nashua 2019

It is always an honor and comes with such a great surprise! The Showcase Team is so blessed to have a community of families, community sponsors and friends supporting our mission! We look forward to striving to continue to give our best to our families and community in 2020! Thank you!

Showcase Dances with Recycled Percussion

This past Friday, December 27, the Showcase Dance Competition Team had the privilege and honor of dancing on stage with Recycled Percussion! What an opportunity! Fun was had by all, but let us tell you… they killed it! In 3 short rehearsal hours, they pulled together a great performance, learned on the fly in sound check and performed for a sold out show! It was an honor!

But the Best Part of 2019 was….

Thank you for being apart of the Showcase community! Thank you for trusting us with your child’s dance/tumbling education! Thank you for supporting our mission! Our 2019 was so special because you were apart of it!

From our Showcase Family to Yours...Happy New Year!

May your 2020 be your GR8EST YEAR!