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A Message to Our Community on COVID-19

To Our Community:

Over the past few weeks, it’s become clear that the world is facing an unprecedented challenge. Like you, we are deeply concerned and want to do what we can to help keep our communities and our families safe and healthy.On behalf of Showcase Dance and Performing Arts Center and Showcase Spirit, we wanted to send a personal note to you to let you know how we are responding to the situation. We are humbled by your loyalty, support and trust, and we take our responsibility to our students and families, our community, and our team, very seriously.From the onset of this situation, we have been listening to the appropriate sources for accurate and up-to-date information, and our preparedness plan reflects those inputs. As things evolve, we are actively monitoring the situation and assessing risks, and are ready to implement immediate changes to ensure a high level of safety. We will continue to communicate with you in a timely and transparent way so you can continue to come to our center with confidence.

What We're Doing:

We have introduced and are partaking in rigorous additional cleaning procedures, and are increasing the number of wipes, hand sanitizer, and other cleaning materials available to our staff and community.

We have put in place daily cleaning/disinfectant protocol in an effort to remain open and stay the course to keep our families safe.

We’re taking sensible steps to help protect our team and community. We have plans in place to make it easier for our teachers and coaches to take the time they need to care for themselves or their families in the event they are directly affected by COVID-19 or a sickness of any kind. We’ve also made plans to be sure our students have access to makeup classes in the event students need to miss classes due to sickness of any kind.

We have an action plan in place to makeup, or keep classes going in the technological space, in the event we need to close for two weeks. More details on this will follow in the event we need to close.

We are monitoring new developments so that we can quickly adapt and continue our mission to be leaders in the dance/cheer communities and are communicating daily with area center owners, educators and health professionals, so we can make the best decisions we can to keep our families safe.We recognize this is a challenging time for all, and we remain deeply committed to the safety of our students, team, and community.

Our families are the heart of Showcase and we look forward to continuing our mission to inspire the future leaders of tomorrow, but showing grace, preparedness and diligence in the face of adversity to the Showcase community.

Please take care of yourselves and each other,

Ms. Ali & Ms. Michele

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