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Pom Classes at ShowcaseHudsonNH

What is Pom?

Pom, named after the pom pom hand decorations used prominently in cheerleading, is one of the fastest growing dance disciplines in American today. Millions of school-aged children, across the country, participate in pom and cheer clubs or teams. Dancers can start as young as seven, and stick with it through their college years, and sometimes beyond. Dancing professionally with teams like the NFL and NBA.

Showcase Dance, Spirit & Performing Arts Center is proud to offer pom classes for dancers and cheerleaders in the Greater Nashua Area. Our cheer and pom dance instructors train our students in movement technique, balance, precision, team synchronization, strength, and flexibility. Cheer and Dance teams and competitions require similar discipline and training.

Even our beginning pom students will be taught how to focus on flexibility, strength, jumps, and motion technique. Because pom combines so many styles or cheer and dance, students will become skilled in body placement, isolations, contractions, leaps, turns and dance combinations. Pom classes also include instruction in tumbling, rolls, handstands, cartwheels and round-offs.

Our pom and cheer dance instructors keep students motivated with exciting dance routines that incorporate pop music, hip-hop & jazz dance. Older Pom student will experience lyrical and contemporary styles, as well.

Pom  classes will also focus on cheer and competition techniques, including:

  • Cheer Jumps

  • Turns

  • Cheer Kicks

  • Cheer arm executions

  • Flexibility

  • Cartwheels, roundoff, rolls, and tumbling

  • Jazz, hip-hop, and modern dance routines

  • Formation and transition

  • Synchronization movement

  • Team building

  • Performance Quality & Facials

Our classes marry the athleticism of cheer with the grace and precision of dance.

Our experienced dance instructors develop pom and cheer dance classes designed to help all levels of dancers develop strength, flexibility, and tumbling skills. Our specialized dance instructors will also teach kick line technique, specialty movement, technical elements, team synchronization, and specialty tricks and combinations.

Our Pom classes are open to students ages 7 and up.

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