2020-2021 Starpower Competitive

 Dance Team Costumes 

Our 2020-2021 Rectial for all Children's & Graded Technique costumes will be posted in May 2021.

Duet - Never Alone.jpg
Duet - Lost.jpg
Duet - Wish Now.jpg
SOlo- Beat.jpg
SOlo- Wake Me UP .jpg
SOlo-  In Case You Don't  (1).jpg
SOlo-  You Cant Stop the .png
SOlo-  Trainwreck.jpg
SOlo-  Girl Party.jpg
SOlo-  Not About Angels .jpg
How Many More.jpg
Mermaid (2).jpg

2020-2021 Unstoppable Costumes 

Join us on June 27,2021 at Windham High School to watch our students perform in our 9th Annual Recital "Unstoppable!"

I'd Like to Teach .png
What I am .jpg
I think I can .jpg
I Love Hugs .png
Music Box Dacner  .png
We're Not Gonna Take It .png
A Million Dreams  .png
Together in This .png
Broken  .png
ice cream   .png
Wild .png
Push It to the limit  .png
Firework .png
Survior  .png
Dont Stop the party .png

2020-2021 Unstoppable Costumes 

Classes not yet pictured - Ballet 1 Monday 6:30p, Tippy Toes Thursday 5:30p, KidDance Ballet Tuesday 5:30pm, Acro 2/3 Monday 6:00pm.  Photos will be updated soon. Check back!