Shoutout Saturday both.jpg

2020-2021 Starpower Competitive

 Dance Team Costumes 

Our 2020-2021 Rectial for all Children's & Graded Technique costumes will be posted in May 2021.

Duet - Never Alone.jpg
Duet - Lost.jpg
Duet - Wish Now.jpg
SOlo- Beat.jpg
SOlo- Wake Me UP .jpg
SOlo-  In Case You Don't  (1).jpg
SOlo-  You Cant Stop the .png
SOlo-  Trainwreck.jpg
SOlo-  Girl Party.jpg
SOlo-  Not About Angels .jpg
How Many More.jpg
Mermaid (2).jpg
Mermaid (3).jpg
Here Comes The Sun.jpg

2020-2021 Unstoppable Costumes 

Join us on June 27,2021 at Windham High School to watch our students perform in our 9th Annual Recital "Unstoppable!"

I'd Like to Teach .png
Try Everything .png
The Climb .png
Step Up .png
What I am .jpg
Unstoppable (1).png
I think I can .jpg
I Love Hugs .png
Music Box Dacner  .png
We're Not Gonna Take It .png
A Million Dreams  .png
Together in This .png
Broken  .png
ice cream   .png
Wild .png
Push It to the limit  .png
Firework .png
Survior  .png
Dont Stop the party .png

2020-2021 Unstoppable Costumes 

Classes not yet pictured - Ballet 1 Monday 6:30p, Tippy Toes Thursday 5:30p, KidDance Ballet Tuesday 5:30pm, Acro 2/3 Monday 6:00pm.  Photos will be updated soon. Check back!