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Join an Open Gym! 

Join an open gym to get the extra time and space you need to gain your tumbling skills and reach your goals. 

Open gyms are designed to allow our students the time, space and attention they need to achieve their goals. Students in  open gym must be 6 years or older. Students in open gym will complete a full warm-up and tumbling basics drills at the start of the hour to help ensure students are warm and ready to complete more challenging skills, but more importantly reduce the risk of injury, Showcase prides itself in training safe!

Once warm-up is complete students will have time to work independently on their skills. Coaches will be there to provide an occasional spot, technical corrections, or helpful drills but, unlike a class or a private lessons, the amount of personalized attention and  spotting a student is given is not guaranteed. Showcase limits the amount of students who may enroll in an open tumble, but because of the varied levels coaches are there to provide assistance and not full instruction. Open tumble is not a replacement for tumbling classes or private lessons, but an added opportunity to enhance and develop the skills they learn in classes and private lessons with adequate space and support.

Open Gym Is Right For You If: 

  • you're looking for space to work on skills you need to perfect or get stronger to achieve,

  • you're looking for extra time to work on skills your learning in tumbling classes, or cheer team practices,

  • you are prepared to partake in the group warm-up to train safe. 

  • you can work independently on the skills you wish to achieve,

  • you are looking  for fun & flexibility with your training.  The structure of open tumble is more relaxed than class, as it is student/independent lead. 

Open Gym  is Not Right For You If: 

  • you're looking for or need constant coaching attention, or a heavy spot. Coaches are there for support but not provide you with a personal session. Coaches need to divide their time and attention evenly around the gym .

  • you're looking for  class. Open Tumble is not run as a class. Unlike a curriculum based class, students in open gym are  often all working different skills at all different levels.

  • you're there just to chat with your friends. Yes, open tumble is student lead and friendly conversation is encouraged, but students are also there to work and achieve.

Thursday 7:30p-8:30p

Friday 7:15-8:15p

Saturday 2:00-3:00p

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