How long does the session run?  

Our classes run similar to a school year with a performance at the end of our season in late June.  Students will participate in our recital, which will be held the last weekend of June.  Students also perform at our annual Holiday performance in December.


What is the cost of the class?

You may register on line, by mail, or in person. $35.00 non-refundable membership fee per person. Enroll early class may fill quickly. Tuition ranges from $40 and up per month. A credit card must be on fill as auto draft is our preferred payment method.  Tuition will be drafted on the 1st of each month, unless the 1st of the month falls on a Sunday. In that case, the draft will be done on the last day (28, 30, 31) of the previous month.If you choose to not do auto draft, a credit card must be on file and tuition must be paid in cash or check  5 days before the due date so auto draft will not be processed.

Do you have a Referral program?

Join our referral program and receive Showcase credits after 3 months of your referral attends class. Your greatest compliment is referring friends and family. Your friend must fill out the referral card to receive Showcase credit used towards tuition only.


What is due upon signing my child up?

The non-refundable registration fee and your first tuition installment.

Do you have a late fee?

There is an $15 late fee applied to all accounts if payment is not received in full by the 5th of each month.  Additionally, in order to receive your child’s costume at the end of the year, all accounts must be paid in full.  

How long is each class?

Classes can run from 30 minutes & up, depending on the level.  Classes for Intensive Team students may be longer.

Is there a place to wait for my child during class?

Our large lobby/waiting area is available for families to wait for their children to finish class. Please make sure ALL children are supervised in the common areas of the building. Please do not gossip or speak about others, this behavior will not be tolerated. Parents of students under the age of 5 years old are encouraged to stay in the lobby while your student is attending class. 

What if my child misses a class?  

Students should attend all classes, however, in the event of an absence, please contact the studio prior to your child’s class time.  If a class is missed for any reason, children can come in to a comparable class for a makeup class at your convenience.  Only 3 classes can be made up unless prior approval from the child's teacher.

What should students wear to class?  

Tippy Toes: Pink or black  leotard and pink tights. 

Tutus for Tots: Pink or black  leotard and pink tights. 

Tiny Tappers:Pink or black  leotard and pink tights. 

Kidance Combination: Pink or black  leotard and pink tights.

Graded Classes:

Tap: Black leotard and pink or tan tights.   Black dance shorts are also permitted.

Jazz/Lyrical: Black leotard and pink or tan tights.  Black dance shorts are also permitted. 

Ballet: Black leotard and pink tights, a ballet skirt is also permitted. 

Acro: Solid colored T-shirt and black shorts, 

Hip Hop: Solid colored tank or t-shirt, black dance shorts or black dance pants.

Cheer Dance: T-shirts and shorts. Cheer sneakers

Contemporary: Black leotard and black footless tights.  Black dance shorts are also permitted.

What shoes are needed for each class?

Tippy Toes/Tutus for Tots: Capezio® Kid’s Unisex “Daisy” Ballet Slipper (color: pink or black)

Tiny Tappers: Capezio® Jr. Tyette Tap Shoe (color: black) 

Kidance Combination: Capezio® Kid’s Unisex “Daisy” Ballet Slipper (color: pink), Capezio® “E” Series Jazz Slip On (color: black)

Kidtap -Capezio® Jr. Tyette Tap Shoe (color: black)  

Primary and Petite Tap: Capezio® Girl’s “Mary Jane” Tap Shoe (color: black)

Mini, Junior, Teen, Advanced, and Senior Tap: Capezio® Unisex “Xtreme” Tap Shoe (color: black)

Jazz: Capezio® “E” Series Jazz Slip On (color: black)

Ballet: Capezio® Cobra (color: light pink) Canvas are preferred over leather.  Please note that for safety reasons, students should wear proper ballet slippers and not bedroom slippers that look like ballet slippers.

Acro: Bare Feet

Hip Hop: Black high top Converse -like sneakers

Lyrical: Dance Paws Unisex Dance Paws® (color: match skin tone)

Cheer Dance: Cheerleading Sneakers (color: white)

Contemporary: Bare Feet


How should my child wear their hair?

Female students should wear their hair in a ponytail.  Students in leveled ballet classes, should wear their hair in a bun. Those on our Intensive and Performance Teams should wear their hair in a bun.​

Do you have a performance?

Our students work hard all year long for a chance to perform in the annual recital!  The recital is TYPICALLY held the last weekend in June  Prior to the recital, there is a mandatory rehearsal held for all students the week before the performance. Every student must be present at the rehearsal in order to perform in the show.  Holiday Social: Every year we host a Holiday Social with the visit from Santa. All classes are invited to perform at the Social.

Do they need a costume to do the performances?

Costume Orders/Exchanges All classes have a costume unless noted. Recital costumes are paid by automatic debit/charge on the 15th of each month (Oct, Nov, Dec) and the Final balance (if applicable) before costume arrival. Non refundable. Non-exchangable. Costumes will not be ordered unless paid in full. Students are measured for costumes in November, All costume alterations are the responsibility of the parent/guardian, NOT SHOWCASE.

Do I have to purchase tickets to the recital?

All tickets are sold online on a first come, first served basis.  All accounts must be paid in full to be given a priority ticket order code. Once online ticket sales are complete, tickets will be available for purchase at the studio.  

How can I stay up to date on important information

Email is the preferred form of communication. All newsletters and important information will be sent home via email.

Conversations with your child's teachers is not recommended before or after class as the teacher is often attending another class immediately following the previous class.
FYI.-If you SPAM our emails the database company will set your account to do not send and you will no longer receive emails. Please do not SPAM.
Emails will be checked in the morning and at the end of each day. Please be patient when waiting for a responds.

If you are interested in setting up  a parent conference please let us know by phone or email to address your child's progress.

What happens in bad weather?

In the event of inclement weather, a message will be left on the studio machine, Showcase Face Book page, after 2pm. Any canceled class may be made up on your own time from our regular scheduled classes. In the event there is not a make up class available a replacement class will be scheduled.

What happens if I need to withdraw?

There is a two month minimum for all lessons. One month notice from the 1st of the month is required to discontinue any payments. To withdrawal from a program a parent must:

1) inform the studio VIA EMAIL,

2) complete and sign a withdrawal form. All automatic bank debiting or credit card charges will stop after the one month notice period.

What is the drop off and pick up policy?

Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes early for your child's class or leave your children alone in the waiting room for more than 15 minutes prior to class.

Prompt pick up is very important for younger children. We would never want a child to feel forgotten after class. If you are running late for after class pick up, please contact us immediately and we will make sure your student is supervised.

What do I do if my child gets injured?

If your child becomes injured at any time and is unable to participate in any classes a signed doctors note will be required to return to their class.

What is the cancellation policy?

Credit vouchers will be issued when the teacher initiates the schedule change. Vouchers may be applied to any SHOWCASE tuition or fees and must be used within one year.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. We only ask you to provide information that we need in order to register your child for classes at Showcase Performing Arts Center. We don’t share the information you have given us with any person or organization and We do not sell your name and/or personal information to anyone. If our information practices change at some time in the future, we will post the policy changes here on the site. If you are concerned about how your information is being used, you should check back here periodically, or send us an e-mail.

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