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An introduction to dance and music for kids with a caregiver! We do recommend the same person each week.


Class is the perfect family bonding time! We create a playful and fun atmosphere for our young students to express themselves with their caregiver, letting them fall in love with the art of movement! 

This is the perfect class to get students comfortable before entering an independent class. Students will also learn life lessons like sharing and taking turns and taking instruction from a teacher. 

This class is for students ages 12 months to 2.5 years. 

Class Attire:  Any style or color of leotard and pink tights. Students may wear a skirt or other ballet accessories. Pink leather split sole ballet slippers.  Hair up and off the face and neck. Boys: Solid white t-shirt and black athletic pants. Black ballet slippers. Participants adults should wear comfortable clothing and socks or cleaned soled sneakers.

Thursday 9:30a 

Saturday 9:00a


A Note On Boppin' Babies™:

Boppin' Babies™ was created with one goal in mind…to provide a fun program for young children and their parents that focuses on music and movement! The gender-neutral curriculum is specifically designed to increase children’s socialization skills, provide structure and consistency, and cultivate independence.

Boppin' Babies™ classes are age appropriate, fun, creative and nurturing…and are a fantastic start to a little one's dance journey! The program is not only developmentally beneficial for young toddlers, but it also creates a community for the parents so they are able to get connected and feel involved in their little one’s activities!

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