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Welcome to Bloom Fine Arts Preschool Prep!


Let your little ones Bloom into lifelong learners, through positive social interaction & creative opportunities. Preschool Prep is an early learning, fine arts and physical education day camp.

Our Philosophy



Through hands-on meaningful experiences through the arts, children at Bloom Fine Arts Preschool Prep at Showcase are able to explore their world through their inherent and natural curiosities: the arts provides a playground for the mind of the child. Arts education is the answer for preparing young minds and bodies for a creative world.


We Love What We Do!

Our professional and caring staff of teachers and faculty are dedicated to ensuring your preschooler BLOOMS and is well prepared for kindergarten and beyond.

Why choose BLOOM?

  • Explore colors, shapes, the alphabet, name recognition, writing, calendar, weather, numbers and counting.

  • Music, Arts, Dance, Tumbling, Theater Lessons

  • Optional Family Fun Days to explore our community

  • Performance days during the year

  • Graduation


9:00 Table Time:  Introduction to the day!

9:15 Circle Time: Group Learning/Focused Lesson

9:45Centers: Individualized Learning & Exploration

10:00 Snack

10:45 Movement: Dance, Tumbling & Focused Gross Motor Skills

11:15 Art:  Exploration of various artistic means such as drawing, painting, coloring etc.

11:45 Music/Theatric Play: Exploration of instruments, voices, acting, & role playing

12:15 Circle Time

12:30 End of Day Departure

Your Child's Day At Bloom!

B for Bee
Young Painter

Making Friends Matters!

Friendships are helpful in developing social and emotional skills, increasing a sense of belonging and decreasing stress. Friendships contribute significantly to the development of social skills, such as being sensitive to others viewpoints, learning the rules of conversation and age appropriate behaviors."- Paul Schwartz -Child Psychology and Behavior specialist.. The Washington Post




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