Offered to children 4 - 5 years old,

Children will learn basic dance steps, combinations and gross motor skills as well as how to take turns, count music, take direction from a teacher, and participate in a specialized classroom setting. One of the  goals of this class is for the child to begin to gain independence and self confidence. Preschool students will perform a dance in our recital.​

This class meets for 30 minutes.


Appropriate dance attire includes:

Girls: pink or black leotard and pink tights, Capezio® Kid’s Unisex “Daisy” Ballet Slipper (color: pink for girls). Hair should be pulled back in a ponytail or bun.  

Boys: white t-shirt, black shorts or sweatpants, white socks and Capezio® Kid’s Unisex “Daisy” Ballet Slipper (black)


Offered to children 4 - 5 years and older that will not be going into Kindergarten  This class meets for 30 minutes.  Children will learn to count music and emphasis on memorization of simple tap steps and combinations.  


Appropriate dance attire includes black or pink leotard and pink tights, Capezio® Jr. Tyette Tap Shoe (color: black) and Capezio® Kid’s Unisex “Daisy” Ballet Slipper (color: pink). Hair should be pulled back in a bun.

For your convenience, you can order your dancewear from us 


Offered to children 5 years and older.  This class meets for 45 minutes.  Kid Tumble focuses on acrobatics such as tumbling, cartwheels, bridges, and walkovers. Acrobatics will develop flexibility and will benefit students in other dance classes.  Emphasis will be placed on strength, balance, agility and motor coordinate on.


Appropriate dance attire includes any colored leotard and any colored dance shorts. Students should use bare feet.  Hair should be pulled back off the face.

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